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7. Knitting


For Mame Kurogouchi, knit wears are an important piece of garment every season. This season, the task was how to express the baskets solidity and mesh onto knits. For example, during research, Kurogouchi gained inspiration from the ‘Bamboo Flower Basket’, a bamboo basket that covers the vase. She wanted to show reddish brown ropes stretched on faint mohair. For this, she drifted away from conventional methods like the cable knit, which looks like the knitted fabric is crossed over. Instead, wanting to replicate the flower basket as close as possible, new techniques were challenged, by actually cross knitting or doubling on the knit on the puff sleeves. In addition, for knit wear representing several baskets, numerous images of baskets were shared to factories. While expressing several styles of weaves and gauges into one knit, a fringe was woven with beads. Working closely with skilled knitters, the knits for this season were created.