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Dignified beauty in the delicacy


The red-crowned crane lands in grace onto the frigid earth. Since ancient times, numerous artists have incorporated the auspicious birds as motifs, or embroideries of kissho pattern (lucky omen) into kimonos, a design loved by many as an auspicious. The famous Japanese folklore ‘Cranes return of favour’ that many have heard of, is about an elderly couple saving the cranes life, in return as a favour gifts fabric sewn using its own feathers, a beautiful yet ephemeral story.

The Japanese crane appears bold, yet it coexists with delicacy, being the inspiration for this season. Cranes are transformed into textiles and colour palette, spreading its wings to the entire collection.

The vivid red that represents the crane, and the stroke of jet black on its pure white body. Though minimal, bringing out a strong contrast, an elegant and beautiful silhouette.

New combinations fabric from tweed, leather, nylon or the hound’s-tooth check that portrays the crane flying away, these bring a new dimension to the monotone collection.

Transitory but beautiful, the dignified crane overlaps with women living in modern times. Mame Kurogouchi 2023 seasons starts now.

Photography: /Maiko Kurogouchi / Words & Edit: Runa Anzai (kontakt) /Translation: Shimon Miyamoto