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One element emerged in Maiko Kurogouchi's 99 day long documentation of her daily life was her dreams. From her childhood, Maiko always had strong, lucid dreams that at times felt hyper real.

In one dream, she found herself on a dark street in the night, running into and getting swallowed by a fog of organdy curtains. Or was it really a dream, she wondered.

That dream led her to come up with dainty drapes to cover sleeves of knitwear and dresses.

Things happen in dreams in ways impossible in the actual world. Letters form themselves on the wall, and mirrors float in a marsh.

Maiko would open one door to find herself in her childhood home. Disconnected places are connected in the dreams. Settings in the real world are often overruled and characters switch places. The gravity turns upside down.

The improbable phenomenon in the dreams inspired “Dream patchwork knit”. Details from multiple styles were deconstructed and reconstructed from what it should be, collaged together and became the season's signature knit top and dress.

Attached to the collar is a patch of jacquard rib. Asymmetrical cuts appear irregularly in the side and at the bottom. A doubled layered mesh blurs the line and space between the body and the knit. The repetition of the liking and sewing gave the forms to what Maiko took away from her dreams. Given the new way of thinking, the conventional techniques achieved new expressions. Leaving some parts blank and uncompleted added another feeling and texture.

Looking back, the border between the dreams and the actual world was constantly blurred. Inspirations from daily life, sceneries from her travels and the world she saw in the dreams are fused together and became a collection.