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Touch of Spring – Spring Summer 2022


Early spring, Nagano. The morning dew laid across the land, and in the distance faintly sensing life coloured in light pink to wisteria. Flowers, one after another, begin sprouting awaiting for snow to melt, and at this sight, one ponders, slowly but surely reminiscing the memory of spring.

Trying to capture the outline, they disappear in a fluff. The vague spring scene melts slowly together with my memory, creating ‘My Spring’.

The childhood memory spent in Nagano. The 10th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, facing nature and history gives the collection a new look. As the past and present gradually cross paths, ‘My Spring’ transforms into threads and fabric.

The touch of spring air Maiko Kurogouchi felt in her hometown, signals the beginning of her journey ‘Land’ to her roots in search of spring palletes and textures.

Photography: /Yuichiro Noda / Words & Edit: kontakt /Translation: Shimon Miyamoto