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2. Colour of memory


The memory of the curtain, laying against the window, for an extended amount of time, soaking up the sunlight, tinged with yellow. The silk-nylon jacquard is woven with the longing for the passing of time.

Applied to the weft are the finest silk, double layered to create a thin but a swelled texture. The warp uses thread called Sparkling Nylon, where a triangular fiber is woven into the thread. The fabric at first, may look plain, but once light shines the fabric it reflects and glistens like the surface on the water.

While Maiko Kurogouchi stayed indoors, she pressed the flowers she had arranged into her notebook, weaving the pattern into the fabric. As the light shines, and the wind blows, the flower designs appear to dance.

In search of the tinged yellow curtain in ones own memory, Kurogouchi discussed countlessly with the factory, dying the fabric over and over. But as through the challenge, Kurogouchi realised that it didn’t have to replicate the ideal colour she was chasing after. As the clothes will spend time with the person, it will absorb the memories together, slowly but surely wearing its own colour of time.