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    Beyond the shape


    ‘Knowing the properties of glass, there are complex designs one does not incorporate. However, when challenged, a novel design is born.‘

    These are the words from the artisan who worked on the glass accessory resembling the Jomon pottery. The heat-resistant glass used as the source is known to be incredibly flexible. By applying 1000°C to 2000°C to the glass, its form transforms into any shape like candy craft, a perfect suit to express the shapes and patterns of the Jomon pottery. Although a good match, it remained a refreshing yet challenging expression of the curved lines and patterns intertwining.

    Carefully controlling the fire to avoid the glass from shattering, leaving a certain thickness, the glass is stretched, twisted and combined. With repetition, pieces similar to fragments of Jomon pottery appear. This time, the creation began its journey not from the design. Instead, downloaded shapes and patterns of Jomon research, putting with the creations trust on the artisans knowledge and skill of glass. Once the prototype was created, through creative discussion with the artisan, 8 befitting designs for the collection were selected.

    Heat-resistant glass known for its combination of strength against shattering, clarity, and its lightness. A modern resource best fit to be worn as an accessory, resembling a clear gray obsidian, brings out the primitive formative art.

    Photography: Yuichiro Noda / Words & Edit: Runa Anzai (kontakt) / Translation: Shimon Miyamoto