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    It was a series of serendipitous occurrences that led Maiko Kurogouchi to the theme for Spring/Summer 2020, Embrace.

    The first step was an idea she had for a while, to grow silkworms in their atelier in an attempt to have deeper understanding of the silk; the material that has high importance for Mame Kurogouchi. Through this experience, Kurogouchi witnessed the transformation process of silkworms morph into cocoons by gradually blowing fibres around them which made her fancy how silkworms see the world through the thin white spherical wall. A life being embraced - that’s how the concept took shape.

    Another hint came through a book she picked up. “Tsutsumu” by Hideyuki Oka, published in 1972, was a catalogue of traditional Japanese packaging and wrapping ingrained with deeply rooted Japanese spiritual philosophy. There was a phrase that left quite an impression in Kurogouchi's mind; “Art of wrapping is to wrap your heart.”

    Inspired by these two findings, she turned attention to her surroundings and found many “wrapping” in different form and concept. From a net wrapped around an Orange tree she saw in Odawara, to discarded flowers in semi-transparent garbage bag, or tissue papers wrapping sweets a friend brought, our daily life was full of beautiful wrapped objects. In some ways, she herself was even wrapped by her surroundings.

    The idea of wrapping came as a way of carrying or gifting objects and was never the purpose. But wrapping protects contents, gives extra value and appeal, and provokes imagination. By turning “wrapped” inspirations from sceneries and objects into garments, Kurogouchi expressed her take on “The art of wrapping”

    THE STORY by Mame Kurogouchi invites you to revisit her journey and walks you through the process of the collection building as well as stories behind production and craftsmanship.