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The time passes – Pre Spring 2022


The early spring in Nagano still showed traces of the cold winter. Quietly waiting for spring to come, trees had shed their leaves, and through the gaps appeared a vibrant green pond so breath-taking. The soft stream of light through clear waters reaches to the bottom of the pond, the emerald moss glowing mysteriously.

With this vivid memory of the scenery, began the journey of collecting color palettes and textures for this season’s Pre collection.

There were wildflowers growing from cracks between concrete, or walls creating gradations from rain and wind. Moss transforms its shape over time on fences and stone walls. Eventually, what catches the eye was directed toward nature around, from dark green, emerald, khaki, olive green, and beige.

The ripples on the bark of the tree or leaf veins of flowers. The glistening surface of the water or grass swaying to the wind are signs of spring, expressed through fabric and patterns of marble print, knit, or mesh jacquard.

These rich expressions of nature appear through the accumulation of time and repetitive change of seasons. By collecting each and every one of them, a collection that anticipates the coming of spring is here.

Photography: Maiko Kurogouchi / Words & Edit: kontakt /Translation: Shimon Miyamoto