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Wrapping Your Heart


There’s a particular line in Hideyuki Oka’s book “Tsutsumu” that left a lasting impression in Kurogouchi's mind. “The art of wrapping is to wrap your heart”. There was a spiritual basis of “wrapping one's heart” in Japan's gifting culture.

The philosophy around the gifting habit, Oka's words, and various methods Oka featured in his book, made Kurogouchi walk back history to that basic idea.

In the book, there were various way of wrapping that were strikingly beautiful. They used to weave straw into “Tsuto” form to carry eggs. Fishermen used to wrap ropes around glass balls to sink in the ocean. These methods used before they invented mass-produced chemical fibres and fabrics had simple beauty in them exactly because there was no intention to beautify them. These ideas led to the accessories of the season.

The colour came from the moment Kurogouchi was bombarded by a rush of green. When a palette of different shads of greens seeped through the studio's window, the idea we are all surrounded by nature woke her up from the preoccupation on wrapping.

That realisation led Kurogouchi to pick a vivid green that reminds her of early spring as the key colour for the collection. The colour, coupled with advanced techniques of embroidery, printing, dyeing and weaving, defined the collection’s global mood.