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    Bamboo Interactions


    Delicate strength created by its elaborateness, a sense of dynamism that undulates boldly. The bamboo baskets' diverse use and rich expressions are only woven using bamboo, continuing to be the source of inspiration for this collection.

    Amongst them, artists such as Rokansai Iizuka looked to nature as their master, returning to find bamboo's original beauty, resulting in simple yet dynamically woven bamboo baskets. These baskets, referred to as ‘moderness’ by Maiko Kurogouchi, hold an architectural form that combines profoundness and lightness. Bamboo woven as if hugging air creates a contrast of light and shadow, a solemn colour palette reminiscent of soot bamboo and moonlit fall nights. Loosely intersecting shapes of bamboo baskets and the tranquil colours exemplifying autumn and winter transform into fabrics of rich textures and various silhouettes.

    This collection takes on a contemporary perspective on bamboo baskets that made great strides in the early 20th century, its artist's spiritual world that supported it, and its ‘modernity’ that resides in the culture, created into clothes interpreted for the modern age. With this, the story of the Fall\Winter 2023 collection begins.

    Words & Edit: Runa Anzai (kontakt): / Translation: Shimon Miyamoto