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    Weaving the air


    “Weaving of air.” An expression that symbolizes the lightness and suppleness of bamboo baskets, have been transformed into garments for this collection. The sliver fabric is produced in Japan using a limited number of special knitting machines. Wool fibers are loosened and joined like ropes, forming a group of fibers called ‘sliver’are put on the knitting machine, creating the sliver knit. This rope-like raw material is directly put on the knitting machine, contrary to knits normally by yarn, woven together with the air creating a lightness, softness, and warmth, unimaginable from its voluminous appearance.

    This season, the sliver technique is used to create abstract patterns inspired by boldly woven bamboo baskets. The graceful yet powerful curves of bamboo when intertwined, create a gentle silhouette with contrasts of light and shadow. The beautiful form of the bamboo basket that Maiko Kurogouchi saw, is woven with air to transform as a wool boa jacquard. The changing colors of bamboo throughout the seasons, such as deep green, brown, and orange, along with the shadows created by the woven patterns of bamboo baskets are used graphically for the color palette.

    The wool boa jacquard woven are tailored in items perfect for autumn and winter, from the voluminous collarless I-line coate, box silhouette short coat, and stand-up collar vest. Wearable soft bamboo baskets for the body with patterns, colors, and silhouettes enable one to experience the mood of this season.

    Photography & Movie: Yuichiro Noda / Words & Edit: Runa Anzai (kontakt) / Translation: Simon Miyamoto