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Closest to the skin


Transparent as if a second layer of the body, the manerd cotton sheeting naturally blends in with the skin.
A fabric developed by combining 130s wool, often so delicate and fragile not suitable for clothing, and polyester with special process. Long polyester aggregates called filaments are opened up using electricity, weaving in short wool fibers between them, the two conflicting fibers becoming a single thread. Fabrics knitted are mercerized, a technique not used for wool normally, providing firmness and fineness to the fabric. Concentration and temperature of the solution is adjusted carefully, as well as time to soak, making it possible to process wool in this way, which normally is difficult. Fabrics fused of wool and polyester obtain the warmth of natural fibers and wool’s property of moisture absorption and desorption, while also having the flexibility and strength of synthetic fibers. Technique born from rich imagination crossing paths with many layers of trial and error, dresses and tops that gently embrace the bare skin join the collection.

Photography: Ayumu Yoshida / Words: Mikiya Matsushita (kontakt) / Edit: Runa Anzai (kontakt) / Translation: Shimon Miyamoto