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    The land of recollection


    ‘May this beautiful scenery and rich cultures last forever.’

    The sublime mountains watching over the Shinshu area from long ago, when one comes forth hands naturally come together.

    The fragments of Jomon pottery and obsidian encountered in late Autumn in Nagano, the grass and moss spreading on the surface showing different expressions on every visit. And the people cultivating the lands, are also gifts from nature by the vast land and grandeur mountains.

    Perhaps, the people in the Jomon period had also viewed the beautiful scenery in which they left records of praise and gratitude towards nature onto the patterns of pottery.

    As one expands one’s imagination with the breeze, in front appears a view of homeland still unknown, the mountains slowly disentangle into various colours of thread. Spinning these threads, one ponders what to weave, ringing in the last journey of Land.

    Photography: Masaru Tatsuki / Words & Edit: Runa Anzai (kontakt) /Translation: Shimon Miyamoto