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    The colors of mountains


    As if an Impressionists painting, various colors blend together, leaving no outline to its shape. As Maiko Kurogouchi sketches the mountains of Nagano, she realizes there exists various color palettes, from trees and rocks, the sky to the earth all extend over a gradation of colors. The alpaca loop cut expresses the scenery of the mountains of Nagano using textiles.

    ‘Conveying nature’s blessing within each string’

    The palettes inspired from Nagano’s nature are dyed into 9 different thread loops. Even from the eye of a well-experienced craftsman, incorporating multiple colors at once are deemed rare, these threads woven using a rapier loom, transforming into one fabric.

    The fabric is planned in detail so each color woven together creates a random gradation, is washed multiple times, allowing to meld together. Thereafter, the fabric is brushed over and over, bringing a fluffy yet silky quality known to the alpaca.

    Thread to thread, color to color. As the process moves with time, the distinct difference between slowly fades, the scenery of faint fog covering the mountain appears. An iconic creation of this season, the alpaca loop cut fabric transforms into a relaxed-fit coat and oversize jacket, softly joining the faintness between nature and people.

    Photography: Elena Tutatchikova / Words & Edit: Runa Anzai (kontakt) /Translation: Shimon Miyamoto