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2. Wearable Basket


It was towards the start of the season’s creative process, when Kurogouchi found herself traveling through Iceland. As she traveled along throughout Iceland, before her eyes she encountered the vast landscape, absorbing and embracing nature.

It reminded her she was born on this beautiful planet Earth - that she was alive. It was then that an accident occurred, and she was thrown out into the wild. Fortunately, the field of grass, soft like a duvet took her in, protecting her. The long grass was covered in dew shimmering, the strength of life dwelling within. She realized mother nature was protecting her, and it was then she decided to design the collection based on this experience. What Kurogouchi wanted to create, was an intricate woven piece that would embrace the body. She imagined, by weaving soft but firm strings together, she could create pieces similar to a basket with flower or plant motifs that people could wear.

She came to a shoelace factory, asking them to create soft but firm original linen thread with gloss, that was then flattened by a sewing machine. She would then embroider this together, starting off with small samples. She wove strings together imagining how it would embrace the body, just as plants would be woven into baskets. To create the transformative design, she drew directly onto the toile. And finally, she created her own basket garments that changes its look depending on the item worn underneath, just like the inspiring primitive but flexible traditional baskets.