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    3. Glisten


    When Kurogouchi decided she wanted to express the vast grass field of Iceland, shimmering with dew, into a garment design that she remembered a photo from Hideyuki Oka’s book ‘Tsutsumu (The Art of Wrapping)’. It was of a woven basket, and through the gaps of the weaves she could see a glimpse of transparent wrapping paper used for snacks. By creating fabric that fused fragments of civilization with natural materials, similar to the basket’s appearance on the page, Kurogouchi desired to create the scene of grass covered in morning dew. She called a factory in Ichinomiya Aichi prefecture, explaining the scenery with a page from her notebook on which the grass is pressed and taped. Using wool and mohair fabric, by weaving artificial clear film strings, she was able to recreate the glittering scenery of morning dew shimmering on dry grass. Also, she came a step closer to the soft grass field she encountered during her trip, by applying the process used to raise fabric on the surface. When creating fabric, you never know until you try, and it is moments like this that bring joy to craftsmanship.