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    4. Blooming Print


    The flowered silk series are prints of lattice patterns Kurogouchi drew with watercolor paint, combined with flowered motifs. She drew patterns in a way as baskets are woven, by taking hints off of the various baskets featured in Hideyuki Oka’s book ‘Tsutsumu (The Art of Wrapping)’. She took the basket like lattice patterned silk jacquard woven with gold, woven in Komatsu Ishikawa prefecture, and combined it with the lattice patterns drawn by hand to express it more three-dimensional. Using watercolor paint, Maiko Kurogouchi drew purple and brown lines as if they were woven, adjusting the strength of her brushstroke. In the gaps created by the lines, she scattered flower motifs as if one was viewing a flower through the window. However, printing a hand drawn picture on a thin fabric is extremely difficult, let alone on a jacquard using gold thread. At the end, the final version was recreated by a factory in Kyoto, accustomed to dying Silk Kimono, by using extremely sophisticated Ink Jet printing. A draw like a weave, in hope that this flower basket is worn, as if wrapping oneself.