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    5. Back to Basic


    From before, Kurogouchi frequently used domestic Triacetate fiber, created in Fukui prefecture, to design dresses. A fabric rich with luster, with a soft beautiful texture, still holding able to create an aesthetic silhouette. This season, with the intention of going back to the basics, Kurogouchi created 2 dresses, a top, and bottoms that were wrinkle-free. What she imagined was a day in life, where a woman going from work to a formal occasion. A piece of garment that could add excitement to her daily life. Cuffs of lace created in a factory up in Kiryu, Gunma prefecture, added the flamboyance needed. A refined technique, first adding embroidery onto water soluble paper, then dissolving the paper by the hands of the master, molding cuffs into the motif of baskets.