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    6. Layer of Time


    In the vast landscape of Iceland where Kurogouchi was thrown into, there alive were countless fluff like grass shimmering with dew. The desire to express the spectacular color before her eyes into fabric, she took home each grass as pressed grass, and handed it over to the factory. She used brown wool as the grounds of Iceland for warp and off-white silk as fluff for woof, weaving together to create one fabric. To express the duvet cushion texture that protected her, she implemented the shaggy process of scratch and brush on the surface. The fabric was reflected into long coats or short jackets. A first glance, what seems to be off-white, in reality has a faint brown on the other side, recreating the experience of being covered by the grass fields. Silk wool being delicate from the start, transforming it into raised silk wool, will lose its firmness over time. Embraced by the coat, the wearer to grow old together.