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4. Curtain calls


Limited to travelling, the world seemed smaller, but at times like this one finds beauty in its surroundings. Maiko Kurogouchi discovered that there were various windows, with different appearances. Near the house, remained an empty car mechanic factory, as if time had stopped. The one thing that remained was a tulip patterned curtain, catching Kurogouchi’s eye. She says curtains are interesting. Even with time, for Kurogouchi, her grandmother, and people in the car mechanic factory, what one finds attractive are the same.

Gaining inspiration from the nostalgic tulip pattern, Kurogouchi decided it as the motif of the fabric and drew the pattern. Using jacquard loom to weave fine mesh, twisting warp and weft of different strength, the shrinkage created a bulging tulip pattern. What she imagined was a somewhat nostalgic curtain.

The curtain also provided a hint for the silhouette. The office close, fitting not possible, Kurogouchi wore the curtain around herself, on her hip, and by coincidence found beauty in the tack or drape created. She made sure to keep snaps, and sketched out the design. The random lines created by the curtain wrapped around the body were expressed by uneven width pleats, also adding volume when the wind swifts by. The fabric created, safe from wrinkles with quick drying and breathability, changed itself into garments that could we worn even on hot summer days.