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    5. Texture


    “A lace curtain for this room, for this room a tulip pattern”, Maiko Kurogouchi dove into her imagination for fabric design or items for this collection, as if she was moving into a new house. As many garments include lace or sheer materials, there is one fabric in particular Kurogouchi shows affection towards, the ’Blackout Curtain.’ Stripes were expressed by weaving, and on the surface are small granular features. This fabric was created from the image of silk noil which has a rough texture, a type of silk Kurogouchi favours. Silk noil usually used for rice bags, are produced from the unevenness in the silk produced from silkworm, giving a handcraft feel. However, silk noil’s difficulty to care, is difficult to use for garments worn in the summer. With all in mind, Kurogouchi decided to create light fabric, rich in texture and lust similar to silk noil.

    The silhouette inspiration came from the tied blackout curtains at the side. The curtain giving off a stereoscopic feel, was expressed using tacking and gathering. The fabric designed while thinking of silk provides a rich texture to the daily life.