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Prologue – The Nocturnal Window


Awakened at midnight, looking out the window, eyes met with the staring watery-moon. The cold yet gentle look, shines through the nocturnal window, slowly lightening up the room. The blank wall, furniture, and eventually one is embraced by its light. The straight lines created by the blinds through light and darkness, become bended or twirled, changing its structure in unexpected ways, drawing a unique pattern.

Silent as if time had stopped, the moon invites one to the mysterious nocturnal window by playing with light and darkness.

On the night with the moon, Mame Kurogouchi ‘The Nocturnal Window’ shares the surrounding stories related to the collection.

As a continuation from last season, the window and its look hold the core importance. Newly expressed however, are the colors of sunset or night sky, and the creation by moonlight and shadows.

The bright orange sunset slowly melting into the night sky is expressed into a marble print. Bended shadow lines on the couch turned into curved-pleats. Changing sceneries with time, are expressed into silk of fabric by mastery of Japanese traditional craftsmen, transformed into a delicate design, and become garments for each one to tell a story.

Here we begin The Story by Mame Kurogouchi, to take you through a journey of unravelling the collection, ‘The Nocturnal Window’.

Photography: Maiko Kurogouchi / Words & Edit: kontakt / Translation: Shimon Miyamoto