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Curves of lights and shadow


The nocturnal window welcomes the moonlight in. Light and shadow loosely ridged streaming through the blinds, continue painting beautiful lines. In ‘The Nocturnal Window’, curved pleats are overlapped with a night’s encounter with light and shadows.

Generally, straight-lined pleats are created by machines, on the contrary the curved accordion pleats are crafted by the hands of artisans.

The base of the process for creating curved pleats were double layered pattern paper. As it were origami, the fabric is then folded in and steam pressed. Curved lines created are not in uniform, but are a combined reflection of the designer’s imagination with the artisans knowledge and experience. Countless conversations took place on the width of the pleats, the sharpness of the curve, fabric selection to bring out the beauty of the curve.

‘The art of creating the sense of beauty visible, is my job.’

Based on the image of ‘the curved lines painted by light and shadow through nocturnal window’, various artisans works and conversations made it possible to create the curved pleats, joined by the curved lines on the body, tell a moment of a story of light and shadows.

Photography: Yuichiro Noda / Words & Edit: kontakt /Translation: Shimon Miyamoto