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    Through the sunset to midnight


    From the reddened sky to a coal-black night. Different shades of light and shadow melt into darkness. Portraying the fusing scenery with time, is the marble print created in a Kyoto factory, the only factory in the world practicing the print technique.

    The Marble Print was invented in 17th century Europe. Out of the techniques, a method adopted for this collection was originated in the early 20th century using starch and pigments, blending them into dough to create the pattern. The multiple colors folded into complex patterns, brilliantly colored, extracting the beauty of the colors combined.

    However, the marble print process is a mastery done by the hands of the craftsman, and today, the Kyoto factory being the only factory in the world that practices the technique.

    The blending of starch and pigments in creating the pattern can only be done from in-depth knowledge and experience of the craftsman manually, the pattern carrying a human touch.

    Multiple colors melting, intertwining intricately, are a combination of marble mold also called ‘Kumo’ and stripes, creating a Mame Kurogouchi original. The unique versatile technique of the Marble Print, combining various aspects freely, allows for an indefinite expression.

    The finished print embodies the intricate gradation of the afternoon sun to the shadows created by blinds, the eye-catching vivid orange, the blue subtlety peaking, the intricate gradation, all symbolic to this season theme ‘The Nocturnal Window’.

    Photography: Yuichiro Noda / Words & Edit: kontakt /Translation: Shimon Miyamoto